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Visible Partners


Advertising/Public Relations


We own many comparison websites for online casino’s. Besides an as complete as possible description of every individual game, we also make these games available to play for free. Besides this we describe multiple strategies, tips, we entertain, educate and provide the latest news or we provide an article for another website in the fashion of their desire.

Why work for us?

This is Malta! 9 months of summer Boost your knowledge on many areas, like English for instance Personal guidance towards a place to call home (for a while) Internships abroad always look good on your CV The company is located near the most popular student locations You could make friends for life Lots of activities besides working or studying Have your internship with a friend The ultimate vacation vibe Beautiful sightings and a clear blue ocean all around Breathtaking underwater world Internship periods possible from 3 months Daily lunch at the office A fantastic team and??? A very interesing internship fee! Logically everything is very interesting. Yet, depending on the internship position we have a few minimal demands ofcourse. Applications are possible for MBO, HBO and University students.

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