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Why work for us?

Welcome to Canada: where we work with 50 companies and 40 + schools not only in Canada but in the USA and Mexico as well. You will be able to gain experience from our company as well from a partner company during your internship. This program has been running for more than 4 years and keeps growing. For this program we travel to Mexico (1 to 10 states a year) and USA and bring companies and schools with us to host an international fair (for education, workshops, immigration, summer jobs and more) Latin Fashion Week: This program has been running for 2 years and we work with Philadelphia Fashion Week, doing events with ELLE Magazine, L’Oréal, Sony, UBER and more! We do everything from auditions, logistic, marketing, PR, sponsorship and more…. So you will get experience in all aspects of the company. For this events we travel to USA and Mexico City soon to Merida to do the auditions, find sponsors and to host some runways. Our company works Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, some nights and weekends (if we have events coming up), we do travel whoever interns do not need to travel as we have teams in USA and Mexico working with us. You will be in charge of accounts, projects and customers so your will get a big picture of what is to work in marketing, international business, PR ad more. If you would like to gain experience in another area you will be welcome to any of our 50 partner companies as we work with companies in the marketing, finance, accounting, sales, engineer, Public Relations, events, business, design, film and hospitality industry.

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