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Source Find Asia


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Source Find Asia is American-Canadian owned manufacturing consulting startup based in Southern China. We started the company out of our apartment while teaching English part-time in China and in 2 years have graduated to an office downtown, with 3 full time employees, clients with orders worth 6 figures and a dynamic portfolio of products we've made. We specialize in helping product businesses achieve high performance in Asian markets. By working closely with business owners to determine their individual opportunities and needs, we develop and implement time tested strategies tailored to their supply chain. Whether it’s research and insight into new markets, purchasing and manufacturing solutions, product development, or entry into dynamic Asian markets, Source Find Asia provides a host of consulting services that fit their product business. We also host a fun and informative podcast on international business, lifestyle, crowdfunding and manufacturing called the Made in China Podcast.

Why work for us?

Gain the cultural and business experience of a lifetime working in our manufacturing consulting startup based in Southern China. Not only will you learn how the actual products that the world uses are made, you'll also have the chance to travel around Southern China visiting manufacturers and make connections with titans within the IoT, tech and manufacturing space. Through our network. We'll help you through the visa process and provide travel expenses from your home country.

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