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Advertising/Public Relations


DpointGroup offers a variety of services ranging from selling and renting giant advertising inflatable screens, to organizing events and shows. With a business model based on effectiveness and efficiency, DpointGroup serves hundreds of professionals. Led by a team of real professionals, DpointGroup developed during the last years to become the expert in online solutions services (Online marketing, video production, development and optimization of websites, social media creation, and integration …etc). Resourcing and education, we have years of experience working with students supported by Erasmus, Da Vinci and many other programs from all over the world. We collaborate with a large number of professionals and experts. dpointgroup team created a unique and special training program to help you gain knowledge and enhance the skills needed for a better future.

Why work for us?

We have years of experience of working with students by Erasmus, Da Vinci and many other programs from all over the world. We collaborate with professionals and experts and we got a special and unique training program in digital marketing (Web design, SEO, Domaining, Web and mobile technologies, Web development and Internet marketing and advertising) After a successful completing of your internship in Dpointgroup, the intern will be provided with a recommendation letter and internship certificate. Additionally, the intern might be offered an actual job position or to continue working in the company as a freelance/ on the terms of a partnership. In our company, the student chooses the duration and number of hours per week that he/she is willing to work. It is not necessary to speak Spanish as we are a team of internationals but proficiency in english is requires

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