How do I change my email address registered at iHipo?
You can do that by clicking on "My Profile", then "Edit Profile".

I have lost my password. How can I get a new one?
You can click on the section "Login", enter your username and request a new password which will be sent to your email address.

How do I cancel my iHipo membership?
For manual removal, you can send an email to

Is iHipo Free?
Yes, it's absolutely free - for all user categories.

How often will I be emailed?
You will be emailed when events relating to your membership on iHipo occur (e.g. sign-up message, contact request from another hipo, job applications, community memberships and activity). Apart from that iHipo sends out a maximum of 2 newsletters per month.

How do you define a highpotential?
iHipo defines its target group as high potential students and young professionals along the following criteria:

- University/College Student or Graduate with above average academic performance
- Extracurricular Achievements in Sports/Arts or Entrepreneurship
- Relevant (International) Work Experience

Why would I become a member of iHipo?
iHipo offers the internationally orientated high potential an opportunity to network with peers from around the globe and apply for attractive vacancies from international employers. And on top of it all it's free!