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Case Studies

Brainteasers, guesstimates and business cases are considered amongst the most difficult in job interviews. The approach to all these is the same: analyze the situation by thinking out loud. Show the recruiter your thoughts and how you breakdown the problem. The only way to prepare for such questions is: practice, practice, practice. Here are some sample questions and their roadmaps to get you going: Sample business case: A factory`s falling profitability A recruiter tells you the profitability of a factory is declining, and asks you why. Though you do not have any further information at hand, you can say the following: "Well, we know that: Profit = Total Revenue - Total Cost. So either the revenues are falling, or the costs are rising. We also know that: Revenues = Price * Quantity, and we know that: Costs = Fixed Costs + (Quantity*Variable Cost)." You would be right on track here, without knowing anything about the business. The recruiter might be impressed by this approach and asks you what options you have to increase the profitability. "To increase profitability, we either must increase revenues or cut costs. To start off with revenues: we can either increase the price, or sell more of the products. Perhaps there are also other ways to generate more revenues, for example by renting out an empty factory hall? To cut costs: maybe we can cut on our fixed costs by tearing down the empty factory hall!? Another option would be to produce more efficiently, whereby we would need to purchase less to produce our stock." The key here is to be creative but stick to a logical break-down of the problem. Even though the recruiter didn`t mention an empty factory hall, he/she would definitely admire your out-of-the-box thinking to come up with such an alternative. The recruiter might go on giving you more specific information about the business, testing your mathematics capabilities and leading you deeper into the case.

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