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Assessment Center

An Assessment Center (AC) is a setup used by the recruitment division of companies to identify one or more candidates among a larger number of applicants, who are deemed most suitable for the requirements of a specific position. Within the Assessment Center, applicants are faced with different problems and case studies and their approach to solve them is judged by the assessment centre panel. Assessment Centres usually last for several days. Accordingly the represent a cost and time intensive procedure for the employer. Assessment Centers are usually held for higher level recruitment. This can include the assessment of university graduates and managers in the company. It is not always the case that applicants are actually invited from their job application to the assessment center. Assessment centers are also held within the company to select future leaders for the employer. Within the assessment center the candidates are usually subject to high levels of stress through the tasks imposed. Main components of assessment centers are: - Structured Interviews (usually at the beginning) - Group discussions in which the individuals try to prove their points. Usually they work on a task and in the end the solution is presented. - Post basket exercises (this is an assessment center method in which the candidate has to decide how to go about organizing a series of tasks according to their assigned importance) - Role-plays (in this assessment center technique different types of conversations are simulated; e.g. superior-subordinate, sales pitches, talk with colleagues) - Presentation tasks (often in small groups or individually) - Questionnaires, IQ tests in some cases - De-briefing

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