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IES Consulting


Recruiting and Placement


IES Consulting was founded in 2005 and has ever since helped students from all over the world to find internships in Spain, France, Germany and Mexico. The recruitment process is free, a fee will only be charged onice the company accepts an application.

Why work for us?

Jobs, Internships & Graduate Programs at IES Consulting

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Internships 22

International consulting and human resources (German native), Barcelona - EFRE679-1038 Online marketing and content management (German native), Tenerife - MKGEH630-2319 Marketing and sales assistant in an international language school (German native), San Sebastián - MKGE1175-2281 Business Assistant in a multinational company (German native), Berlin - MKGE1231-2355 Business developer in the industrial sector (German native), Albacete - COME167 International revenue and hotel management (German native), Barcelona - EFRE1248-2410 Marketing and sales assistant tour operators for a hotel group, Chambery - COMEH822-2329 Marketing/Sales assistant in an export department, Barcelona - MKGE535-759 International Sales and Customer Service (Deutsch), Barcelona - COME173-2502 Purchase assistant, Valencia - RRPE953-2268 Front Office- Reception in 4-star-Hotel, Menorca - RECEH361-2363 Sales administrator in an international enterprise, Paris - LOGE947-1661 Marketing, events, and customer service for a language school, Barcelona - RRP1307 International business developer and sales in start-up, Barcelona - COME1247 Digital Marketing and content management, Barcelona - MKGE1315-2627 Online marketing and content management, Canary Islands - MKGEH630-2319 International Receptionist and Bar Assistant, Zaragoza - RECH245 Report Analysis (IT), Barcelona - TECE1209-2288 Web marketing and social media management in language school, Malaga - MKGE884-2480 Boooking assistant and international communication, Barcelona - RRPE760-2681 Marketing assistant (customer loyalty) in 4-Star-resort, Gran Canaria - MKGEH1129-2096 Reception and booking agent in international hotel chain, Fuerteventura - RECH634

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