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The Jace-Kelly Leadership Adquisitions

Shang Hai

Recruiting and Placement


The JACE-KELLY is a recruiting firm based in Shanghai. The success of our company brought us to the highest levels of the Chinese HR industry and we are now working closely with MNCs in Retail, Food & Beverage, Finance, Banking, Investment or Electronics, belonging to the top 500 companies.

Why work for us?

THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions (hereafter TJK) is a signature executive recruitment consulting firm, right at the heart of the world’s largest executives market [Shanghai], that specializes in assignments typically proven "not easily achievable" for our competition. Our track records include serving 60% of the executives’ hiring need of a small bank which later became the World's Strongest Bank for two consecutive years. Also chosen as the most preferred vendor for the most successful foreign MNC in China, we helped transforming this FMCG client from a messiest employer to an "everybody wants to join" kind of company. TJK is like a small, cozy and yet highly influential professional family. Talk to us and find out more.

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