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5000-10,000 Full -Time Open Class Teacher

at teachingchina


Entry Option
Application Period
July 16th, 2018 to August 16th, 2018


<br>To Apply visit this link:<br> $5000-$10,000 Full -Time Open Class Teacher Introduction of Open Class Open Class is a special type of English class specifically designed for top non-native English learners aged 5 to 12 years old in China. By utilizing high-tech interactive teaching platform in a video room, we deliver quality literature classes to 1000+ online students at the same time. Job Responsibilities 1. Deliver online English open classes to students on a regular basis 2. Perform in class video shoot ing 3. Co-develop teachi ng standar d with our R& D team, e.g. Designing te aching syllabus and lesson o bjectives e Candidate Qu alifications 1. North American 2. Bachelor degree o r higher; 3. Highly interactive and energetic d uring classes; 4. Either having acting exp erience or majoring in drama, or Iv y league graduates; g Working Schedule Mon. through Fri.: 9:30-18:30 * Note: out of which teachers might have to wor k from 13:00 to 21:00 for 2/3 days Salary and Compensation 1. Monthly salary: $5000-$10,000(for office work, teaching as well as housing allowance) 2. Working Visa assistance 3. Professional teacher development and training programs; 4. Paid holiday: Chinese public holidays, Christmas day and New Year& rsquo;s Day off If interested,please forward your CV to <br/>

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