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Why work for us?

We are a budding Eco-Lodge seeking an experienced, creative and passionate full-time Operations Manager, capable of overseeing the administration of all aspects of the project including bookings, managing groups, online presence, marketing, managing the restaurant, volunteers and staff. Our design is Permaculture-based and our early accommodations will be rustic cabinas and bunkhouses along with jungle tent camping and “Glamping.” Later accommodations will be more comfortable and luxurious. We will accommodate up to 30-40 guests, operating in the early stages as a campground / eco-lodge / hostel. As we become more established, we will shift toward marketing for group events, retreats, workshops, summer camps, etc. A substantial percentage of the project’s revenue will be used for local community support and development. We are seeking a motivated and creative new member to our nascent community who is passionate about being part of the creative process of building this project with us. Benefits will include food and lodging and a percentage of the project’s revenue. We want to incentivize and invest you in what we will be creating, together.

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