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Nutrition Technologies Ltd

Ho Chi Minh City



Nutrition Technologies is a nutrient recycling company focusing on the research and development of alternative sources of proteins and oils for the animal feed industry. Nutrition Technologies is an early stage UK company working in collaboration with the Research Institute of Biotechnology and Environment (RIBE) at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We cultivate BSFs on organic waste material and process them to produce a range of animal feed products. We are also researching Black Soldier Fly oil as a biofuel and the capabilities of Black Soldier Fly to convert organic waste material for use as a soil conditioner. Nutrition Technologies is planning to scale up production, while continuing an ambitious research and development program

Why work for us?

Nutrition Technologies is a UK international company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam focusing on the cultivation of Black Soldier Flies (“BSF”) to provide a sustainable supply of high grade proteins and oils for Vietnam’s growing agricultural sector, whilst also assisting in the processing the country’s large quantities of industrial organic food waste. Recruits will have the opportunity to work alongside English speaking Vietnamese peers, as well as team members from the UK and Ecuador. The Insect-As-Feed industry is an exciting and rapidly growing sector. Our team members have the unprecedented opportunity to join in this effort to provide a more sustainable food supply for the worlds growing population.

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