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Kevin International Education




Kevin Education group was founded in 2002 .The Kevin Education Group includes Kevin Foreign Languages School. Kevin Foreign Languages School is a semi-public company that works with the government, public schools (Kindergarten to primary school age group), and universities. For the past 14 years, we have been recruiting outstanding foreign language teachers and providing those teachers to different educational institutions in Changchun.

Why work for us?

Kevin’s mission is to provide a high-quality international education and ensure that children have a happy, enjoyable, and successful life. Presently, Kevin is cooperating with more than one hundred schools in Changchun; most of them are kindergartens and primary schools. In the past 14 years, countless students experienced the transition from speaking no English to near fluency. Kevin has achieved 97% satisfaction of the corporate schools and has been awarded dozens of prizes for teaching excellence by the local government. In the face of a constantly changing future, employers are looking for workers who possess versatile and comprehensive skills. Kevin is aware of these challenges and has adapted its teaching philosophy to meet these requirements. Using teaching English as the medium and quality education as a platform, Kevin focuses on cultivating students that are not only great students but, more importantly, dynamic individuals. Our students are taught ethics, intelligence, physical ability, manners, and work skills through both classroom learning and a variety of outdoor activities. Kevin lays a solid foundation for nurturing future talents to meet the requirements of a highly-developed and rapidly-changing society.

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