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iHipo: 10 things you learn from an internship abroad


Any internship can give you a line to put on your CV. An internship abroad though, helps you develop all these communication skills that are so necessary in life and in work.

If you have the chance to look for an internship abroad, do it! And here's why.

You get experience in a diverse team
Different teams use different tools and are organised in a different way. Become a member of your new team by learning to adapt to their style. You will discover you are more flexible than you think.

You get to practice a foreign language
You can study a language all you want, but being required to speak it is the best practice. If you end up in a country where you don't speak the local language, English stops being a luxurious exercise. English means survival!

You learn from other people's behaviours
By going and working abroad, you will meet a lot of people. By meeting a lot of people from other cultures, you will see that they will not always behave the way you would expect or want. Learn from their behaviours.

You become more understanding
By meeting a lot of people you also see all the small things that make us different, but also similar. You will see that everyone makes different choices than you and that's totally fine.

You get pretty good at planning
As if preparing a CV, a cover letter and getting through the interview was enough. There's also... tickets, visas, passports, housing, luggage, budgeting, learning the streets in a new city. Chances are you will manage just fine and you will learn how to take future needs into account.

You make make new friends
You end up landing alone in a foreign country. You will be forced to meet people and make friends to help you around. If you thought you were too scared to do that, you will realise that it's not as hard. Being kind is appreciated globally.

You try out all these great dishes
You might miss your favourite dishes from home. You will for sure discover new ones! You can learn a lot about a culture by the kinds of spices and side-dishes they add to their meals.

You prove to yourself that you can make it
Getting abroad is no easy task. What will you realise it once you've done it? That you still succeeded, despite it not being easy. Feel proud!

You leave old worries behind
What looked big and tough will look small upon your return after an adventure abroad. The world is much bigger than we think. There is so much to see and feel, we can't waste time on worrying about the small things.

You learn that life doesn't stop for anyone
People who return home after some time abroad, often feel like that not much has changed. They have had a crazy time and everything else seems stuck in the past. That reminds you the 2 or more months you spent in a foreign land is a significant amount of time. You can learn so much during that time by simply motivating yourself to look for such experiences.

Eager to fly? That's the spirit you need! Check out the international internships on iHipo ( and start practising some language skills.

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