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iHipo: Know what to do this summer


When in school, summers are usually associated with long periods to get rest. Taking a worthwhile break is important. But what if you could also spend one hour every day learning something new?

Here are some of the best material you can find online to pick up new and useful skills. Best of it all? It's free. Unless you agree that "time is money". Then it's priceless...

Do you wish you could start learning a language, but have no idea where to begin? Are language courses in your area expensive? You can start learning the basics on your own. Some sites even allow you to translate texts, or learn new vocabulary with the use of memes!

Duolingo is a personal favourite app, as it follows a good structure, allowing you to learn the basics easily. I use it daily for 15 minutes of practising Swedish!
Check out more at:
Duolingo (, Memrise (

Education / Coding Skills
Follow courses from some of the best professors in their fields, teaching at the best universities. Thanks to the rise of online courses, world-class knowledge is not that exclusive anymore.

Signing up for the below sites is free. The courses are plentiful and free to watch. All you need is commitment to go through the material you choose. Have fun!
Coursera (, edX(, Codecademy (www.codecad…Learn (, iTunes U (

Ok books are not free. But they are priceless! And a lot of them you can rent them for free from a library. Many great books are written in English, so picking up one also ticks off that language practice you've been meaning to do.

Some recommendations for your summer reading list, no matter what your study field is:
"How to win friends and influence people" - Dale Carnegie
"Thinking fast & slow" - Dale Kahneman
"Start with why" - Simon Sinek

Ideally you've read a lot, practised a language and even picked up some coding skills. Have you gotten involved in a project to use your new skills? Why not blog about your progress? Post your achievements on a Tumblr blog and also on LinkedIn. That's how you can prove you are using your new knowledge and make sure those skills stay sharp.

These were only a couple of ideas and the opportunities for affordable education don't stop here. The best piece of advice is to never stop learning.

This article was originally posted on Entrypark.

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