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Teach English in Kindergarten, Up to 10k RMB/Month, English-only Speaking Environment, Free Accommodation(A Flat to Yourself)

at teachingchina


Entry Option
Application Period
July 16th, 2018 to August 15th, 2018


<br>To Apply visit this link:<br>School Type: Kindergarten Location: Chengdu Working Hours: Less than 16 hours/week Sutdent Range: 3-6 Vacancies: 2 About Us - Part of one of the leading education organizations in Asi a - Use own set of curriculum and the latest tech - English-only speaking environment in class - Free accommodation - Based in a convenient and great urban environment - Easy transport links - Extensive support from school liaison- Part of one of the leading education organizations in Asi a City Introduction Explore the wonders of Sichuan, its awe-inspiring rural scenic spots and exuberant urban environments, witness its rich ancient history and its growing modernity. Visit the place the panda’s call home. Indulge yourself with the sweet and spicy aroma of Sichuan cuisine, a wo rldwide phenomenon. Travel to Sichuan’s flourishing capital, Chengdu, to get a taste of its vibrant ci ty culture. Hike up to the profound E’mei Mountain. Journey to the extraordinary Giant Buddha in Leshan. Do all this and much more in a place voted in the top 3 best places to travel in Chin a. Salary Range: 7,000-10,000 RMB/Mont h Other Benefits: Accommodation within the campus flight bonus 8000 RMB after full completion Z Visa provided Responsibilities 1. Plan and deliver English lessons 2. Teach in the classroom less than 16 hours per week, work 5 days for one week 3. Implement suitable classroom management system 4. Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement 5. Take part in cam pus acti vities and events like English Cor ner or others Please contact Leo at for more information, we look forward to hearing from you soon.<br/>

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