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Wildlife Research Internship

at Nkonzo Bush Academy


South Africa
Entry Option
Application Period
2017-09-01 00:00:00 to 2020-09-01


The Wildlife Conservation Internship is an opportunity for those in the biology/ecology related fields to gain field and research experience working with free roaming wildlife in Africa. Our interns play a critical role in the continuation of our research efforts as do our volunteers. Without our interns we would be unable to continue our work in understanding and protecting wildlife. Interns spend five days per week assisting in various capacities of wildlife conservation. This can be in the form of field work collecting data, analysing and entering data into our systems, working within the community to educate children and adults alike, or in the way of workshops and discussion days with our seasoned team members. We leave evenings and weekends free for all interns which allows them the chance to explore South Africa and take part in various cultural and tourist activities! Joining Nkonzo as an intern is an extremely rewarding and educational experience! Gain the field experience you need, receive university credit, and lean the behind the scenes of the wildlife conservation and research industry.

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