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Architecture Internship in a Design Office in Cape Town

at Magister International


South Africa
Entry Option
Application Period
2017-05-27 00:00:00 to 2018-05-27


Broaden your expertise in Architecture through an internship opportunity in South Africa. This program places you in a design office that specializes in sustainable development and offers comprehensive services. The firm has been responsible for projects like wastewater management, urban conservation, and green building design, among others. Throughout your time with their team, you will learn about the implications of design to the environment. You will also gain more insight into sustainable development when taking on urban design, architecture, and planning projects. As an Architecture intern, you will assist with projects and tasks the office is currently busy with. You will go through training in adopting design solutions that adhere to environmentally and socially responsible practices. Along the way, you will acquire valuable experience in this field while improving your skills.

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