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Analyst, Marketing

at Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist)


Entry Option
Application Period
2017-05-14 00:00:00 to 2017-06-14


Job Description Marketing Analyst About The Indian Economist The Indian Economist is a leading digital magazine that focuses on publishing high quality articles and opinion pieces on business & economics, policy, politics, culture, foreign affairs and more. With a broad range of authors representing several industries and geographies, The Indian Economist aims to present to the reader a unique perspective on issues they care about. Moreover, we try to publish content on issues that are not heard of, and present an entirely new dimension to readers. The Indian Economist hosts more than 400 contributors from than 30 different nations. Application Procedure Fill in this application form: Marketing Analyst Application Form Eligibility and Requirements to apply The Indian Economist does not prescribe any eligibility criteria to apply for any roles at The Indian Economist. We believe everyone should be free to apply to The Indian Economist if they are interested. Part-Time/Full-Time All positions at The Indian Economist are part-time, and allow a great degree of flexibility. You will be required to put in between 5 to 15 hours a week depending on the work-flow Location of the Internship The Analyst work profile is digital. All Analysts are expected to work from home. Dates There are 5 internship cycles: 1st June - 30th June 15th June - 15th July 1st July - 30th July 15th July - 15th August 1st August - 30th August You can apply for any internship cycle. The options for the same are given in the application form Pay This is an unpaid internship program. Cash rewards may be paid to high performing interns. Why work at The Indian Economist? The Indian Economist has consistently been ranked as among India’s best websites for Economics, Policy and Politics. Our columnists and associates have hailed from top global financial institutions, think-tanks and Ivy league colleges. We have partnered with acclaimed societies and institutions for events and publications. As an organisation, The Indian Economist has built a reputation among employers and institutions as a selective employer that recruits the top talent. Working at The Indian Economist can bolster your profile while providing you with valuable opportunities to learn and develop your skill-set. Learning – Job profiles at The Indian Economist are not narrow and rigidly defined. They are broad and flexible, giving Associates an opportunity to gain experience across the business value chain and functions. The collaborative team environment and fast-paced work-streams combine to give a valuable learning experience that stays with you long after you have left the organisation Mentorship – The senior team members at The Indian Economist are always willing and available to mentor Associates and help them develop their skills and profile. The Indian Economist believes in helping the Associates succeed in their endeavors beyond the organisation as well, by providing advice, helping with skills and training and providing access to useful business and social networks Certificate of experience – All Marketing Analysts that successfully complete all the tasks of the 4 week internship program will receive the certificate of experience Special Recommendations – High performing Analysts will receive a Special Recommendation Certificate that will be useful in job & college applications. Letters of Recommendation from The Indian Economist have helped students get into global institutions including University of Chicago, Columbia University, Yale University, Indian School of Business, Sciences Po and several more across the world. Alumni Speak You can read anonymous reviews on The Indian Economist’s Glassdoor Profile The Indian Economist has a high rating on Glassdoor, indicating the satisfaction of individuals that have worked with us. “The Indian Economist has been an enriching professional experience, fostering an environment for diverse, innovative ideas. It has been an enterprising headstart, providing opportunities and challenges beyond my current role. Personally, the mentorship at TIE has been a source of constant support and encouragement, enabling me to explore my future academic options too.” – A.R.Rakshitha, Senior Associate – now studying at the Columbia School of Journalism, New York “The experience gave me valuable insights that I refer to during my classes at B-school every now and then. Additionally, my involvement with The Indian Economist has always engaged the panelists and helped me clear all interviews from ISB, IIM to BCG.” – Divyanshi Bhansali, Core Operations Manager – admitted to ISB & IIM-Lucknow – placed at the Boston Consulting Group TIE has played a huge role in all my applications and interviews. I learnt a lot there. Thank you for all the support and help. – Tanvi Kaul, Operations Manager – now studying at IE Business School, Spain Overview of the Role Marketing Analysts at The Indian Economist will have a intense 4 week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. There are three primary aspects to the internship - Consulting Thesis - Analysts will be given a marketing subject area relevant to The Indian Economist to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts. Marketing Learning Modules - Specialised learning modules created by our team are shared with Analysts to help them understand marketing theory Peer to Peer Marketing - Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, The Indian Economist also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist. The Indian Economist looks at the Marketing Analyst program as a way to identify individuals fit to join the team as Associates at the end of the 4 week internship period. Career Progression at The Indian Economist As Analysts, you have a chance to be selected as Associates at The Indian Economist at the end of your internship program depending on your performance. Associates at The Indian Economist have a chance of being promoted in their first three to six months to the position of Senior Associate (SA). Senior Associates are given the opportunity to transfer across departments to gain cross-functional experience. Senior Associates are promoted to Deputy Manager (DM) within 6 months, but the period can be shorter for higher performing SAs. Deputy Managers have the opportunity to be promoted to Manager, provided they have completed more than 12 months at The Indian Economist.

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