Preparing for internships abroad

Preparing for an internship abroad is generally more paperwork than for an internship in your own country.

The following is a checklist for preparing for international internships:

- Paperwork: make sure you bring (either hardcopy or digital) all necessary information from your university (university testimonials), your student card, internship confirmation letter from your university

- Make sure you have done enough research on the company where you will do your internship

- If necessary, already try to make yourself familiar with the local language

- Try to find accommodation, for example via internet or friends living there

- See if you can already tap into a network of interns in that city/country, for example via Facebook groups

- Documents you will need to bring: passport, visa, extra passport photo’s, copy of your travel itinerary

- Check whether you are properly insured (health, travel)

- Money: bring your ATM card, credit card, as well as the phone number you need to call to block your cards in case of loss/theft

- Phone numbers of friends/family back home, as well as of the local embassy of your country