Paid internships

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An internship is a temporary job with an emphasis on training a student/graduate on-the-job and often to explore a potential careers fit after the internship.

Internships are an ideal opportunity for students to gain practical experience in their field, to complement the theoretical background, to determine a potential interest in a particular career or company, and possibly to gain university/school credits as well. A completed internship is considered very beneficial to a resume/CV.

Internship are either paid, unpaid or offer benefits in the form of a stipend. Paid internships are common in the business, trade, technology, engineering, law and medical field, and are a perfect way to gain some work experience in your academic field whilst earning some money at the same time. Unpaid internships are typical in non-profit organizations such as charities, large international organizations (such as United Nations, European Union) and think tanks.

Paid internships are obviously preferred over unpaid internships, as students will have difficulty doing side-jobs if their internship is full-time (40hrs). Unpaid internships often cannot pay compensations due to strict labor laws or company policy (non-profit organizations). Unpaid internships can be at organizations which are heavily sought-after due to its reputation (e.g. United Nations), so that the perceived benefits after the internship outweigh the disadvantage of zero salary.

Internship remunerations or salaries vary across countries – as do the definitions and requirements of internships. Average internship compensation rates per country are listed here:

- USA: USD 900-2000
- Netherlands: EUR 300-500
- Germany: EUR 400
- Singapore: EUR 250-500
- China: EUR 100-200
- Dubai: EUR 500-1000
- Spain: EUR 500
- Italy: EUR 500

To search for paid internships, you can visit iHipo’s internships section.