Internship program

Search the iHipo internship section to find a challenging internship abroad, or visit the company internship program section to see which internship programs are available at the leading employers worldwide.

Internship programs are programs which are organized and designed (usually in-house) by companies and organizations for students and graduates to gain practical experience and explore a future career within that organization.

Many companies have internship programs in place, and use these to select and train their interns and to review them for possible employment upon graduation. Such internship programs can be highly competitive, and a successful completion of the internship can result in employment without the necessity of job interviews or assessments.

iHipo lists a extensive overview of internship programs at both profit and non-profit organizations. You can view internship programs provided by leading multinationals in our company internships section, as well as internship programs in the field of development internships, finance internships, business internships, engineering internships, marketing internships, IT internships, environmental internships and fashion internships.