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ali shan
Mon, 12/01/2008 - 12:31
Hello guys
My name is ALISHAN and I am from PAKISTAN. I have been able to complete my ACCA-uk professional accountancy qualificaion in AUGUST 2008. I passed all my exams in first attempt. I also hold a MASTER OF COMMERCE and BACHELOR OF COMMERCE degree from university of the punjab lahore pakistan. I have keek interest in developing my career in the field of AUDIT and ACCOUNTING by working at any GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY ORGANIZATION.MY OPTIONS ARE OPEN FOR ANY ROL WHICH CAN HELP ME APPLY KNOWLEDGE GAINED DURING ACCA to develop my accountancy skills.I believe a contract or permanent TRAINEESHIP arrangement at professional accountancy organization is welcoming, I know INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS, BUDGETING,MS OFFICE and lots more things which are being sought in accountants now adays.
My cv is attached to my profile but you can view it online at


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