Cover letter internship

A well-written internship cover letter is necessary to accompany your CV/resume for your internship application. Your resume and cover letter for an internship are just as important for when you are applying for a ‘real’ job – the requirements and intake assessments are often the same for interns and graduates. Please visit the iHipo CV tips section for more advice on cover letters and resumes.

If you’re applying for an internship, the chance is high that you have limited work experience. Don’t worry about this – your competition most likely will not have this either! It is essential to focus on that what you have to offer the company instead. Remember: companies are not hiring interns for their work experience, but to get to know potential future employees, to be exposed to new insights from universities, and to bring in some new fun people to work with.

You will need to sell yourself in the cover letter. Elaborate on what your resume demonstrates, highlight what you have to offer the company, how you can add value to their organization, and why that particular company/organization is the perfect learning environment for you.

Your cover letter needs to be a single page, have zero errors (check your spelling and grammar!), and will need to stand out from the crowd. Also make sure you know whom the letter is addressed to: you can usually find the name of the recruiter on the company website, if not it would be wise to call them beforehand. A call to the company will also demonstrate a certain determination, and the recruiter will most likely remember your call when receiving your application.

For more information on cover letters, please visit the iHipo CV tips section.