British American Tobacco - the Challenge Initiative
Industry: Consumer goods & Retail
Region: GLOBAL
Open to: Talented university graduates
Duration: 2 years
Starting date:
Trainee profile: Talented university graduates
Description: The Challenge Initiative is our graduate development programme, extending over two years and designed to prepare our next generation of leaders.

Under the Challenge Initiative, you choose the function that best suits your strengths and the programme structures your development around a clearly defined set of deliverables.

You will gain support and encouragement from three sources:
• Your coach will be your line manager, helping you get the most from the programme;
• Your mentor will be an experienced manager from another function;
• Other management trainees will provide you with a network of contacts around the world.

We take a constant interest in your progress, conducting regular appraisals and offering the support and resources you need. We encourage individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge through learning from internal and external sources. We believe that working with role models is important and gaining meaningful coaching and feedback will enhance your personal development. We firmly believe that you should be in the driver's seat. During regular discussions, your coach and mentor will encourage you to take charge of your own development and to actively manage your career with us.

Truly global
Wherever you join us and whatever function you choose, our objective is the same – we're looking for people who can grow beyond geographical and functional boundaries to pursue personal and business success.
More information: Views from graduates who have joined us around the world

"Working with people from different cultural backgrounds was for me a challenge and an opportunity to broaden my horizons." (Switzerland)

"I was attracted to British American Tobacco by the graduate scheme and because I had heard that the training was really, really good. I wanted the challenge of working in a company with high expectations." (Papua New Guinea)

"The most important element of working here for me has been the open-minded culture. Everyone is interested in your work and there is a working atmosphere I had never experienced before." (Germany)

"In the two years I've been here I've learned a lot – not least that British American Tobacco's culture is amazing: it gives you the chance to have a fluent dialogue with your managers and to participate constantly in the company's various activities." (Argentina)

"The most striking thing about British American Tobacco is its working environment. You get used to a winning culture where nothing is impossible." (Bangladesh)

"The Challenge Initiative has enabled me to develop cross-functional managerial skills, with a vision of what is best for the organisation as a whole." (El Salvador)

"From the beginning British American Tobacco has challenged me. Even the recruitment process was challenging, though it gave me a deep sense of satisfaction once it was over because of the effort I'd put in." (Argentina)