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DoScouting Recruitment

at DoScouting


United States
Entry Option
Application Period
November 8th, 2017 to January 31st, 2018
Sport, flexible,


At DoScouting we are seeking new members for our international team! DoScouting ( is a Lithuanian startup connecting sports enthusiast who is willing to attend sports games and report on their progress. As our scout, you will be attending different sports games in all different leagues (you can choose from football, ice-hockey, volleyball, basketball, handball and others) at your own pace, anytime you feel like it. During the game, you will be reporting on the score, penalties, cards, etc. via your smartphone / hardphone or PC. We will pay for your admission to the game as well as for any travel costs you may have with each game.Each game is remunerated by 95 USD which are to be invoiced at the end of the month along with other bills such as admission tickets, transportation tickets, fuel tickets, etc. It is up to you how many games / matches you attend per day / week / month / year. This is why the job is quite flexible and suits especially students who are into sports. You can also attend games in different countries during your travels or studies. To sign up as a suitable candidate visit: or e-mail me at Before you get started with the reports, you will be instructed in writing, over Skype and via our video materials. The instruction is free, however does take some time and not everybody passes the final exam. If you are into sports, you can do it! We expect you to speak English for the instructions and have a positive perception of sports in general.

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