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Job Description
Market Research
Sector: Consulting & Services
Company: Venadar
Location: Atlanta
Salary: $25 USD
About the company

Venadar locates proven products at the inflection point of being ready to be scaled, avoiding 90% of high-risk R&D expenditures. Our clients avoid the high failure rate (80%) of new product introductions and get a lower risk, high-impact new product.
In addition to being emerging winners in their specific category, often there is opportunity for our clients to repurpose the capabilities or products from one industry sector into another and/or bundle multiple component companies into a more complete solution to target consumer/customer needs.


Strong market research skills
Strong organizational skills
Strong writing skills
Outside of the box mentality
Meet deadlines

Job Description

We are looking for freelance market consultants who will preform qualitative market research further described in a project brief.