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Job Description
Sector: Consulting & Services
Company: Hieroglifs Translations Romania
Location: Bucharest
Salary: 0.0000
About the company

Hieroglifs Translations specializes in different types of document translation
service (information technology, telecommunications, software localization,
automotive, electronics, commerce, architecture, construction, law, legal,
electronics, banking and finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance
etc.). Translation agency Hieroglifs Translations translates in more than 150
languages. Companies from European countries as Spain, Italy, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia Slovenia as well as Asian countries like
China, Japan and Korea has chosen Hieroglifs translations services.


Our team of over 2,000 qualified and highly skilled translators (native in their
target language), terminology specialists, proofreaders, DTP (desktop
publishing) professionals, and expert project managers is experienced in
providing translation services for life science, medical, legal, financial, and
technical industries as well as many others.

Job Description

Hieroglifs Translations, an international translation and interpreting firm, is looking for a qualified intern to join our translation team.
During the program, Interns are required to carry out various translation-related tasks (i.e. translation, review, testing etc.). Interns will work under the supervision of a tutor, whose role it is to help them improve their skills. All translators work exclusively into their mother tongue and deal with a range of content including games, technical (e.g. automotive, websites, software, user manuals), legal, business and marketing. All interns must be native speakers of the language they translate into.
All applicants must demonstrate either some translation experience (e.g. university translation projects etc.) or a desire to pursue translation as a career.
Internship location
Internship can be done in several ways:
- In the company Hieroglifs Translations Romania premises in Elena Caragiani 17, bl. 2l, sc. 2, partner, ap. 13 - Sector 1,
Bucharest, Romania. Currently open to those applicants whose mother tongue is French, German and Dutch.
- Freelance. Internship done virtually.
Internships are for a period of between 2-6 months. Interns are paid for translation per word. Price depends on the language combination and quality.
At the end of the internship the interns are issued:
- Hieroglifs Translations certificate of internship
If you are interested – please send your CV and motivation letter to irena.cippa@hieroglifstranslations.ro . Please write which internship are you applying for and the preferable internship location.