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Quality Assurance/Quality Control Internship in Qingdao

at MTA Network


Entry Option
Application Period
2016-09-22 00:00:00 to 2017-09-22


Company Description: Our company is a manufacturer of professional refrigeration equipment. We are an Italian company with office location in Chengyang, Qingdao. We offer internship positions with interesting job tasks/responsibilities which will be beneficial for candidates to pursue their career successfully after the internship period. Internship Description: Collecting product information in production line. (This job will take approx. 2 months to complete). Depending on the skillset of the candidate we will assign further responsibilities during the first 2 months. Various areas that could be considered are: R&D (Research and Development), Quality Inspections, Technical Drawings, and Communication with laboratories/development follow up. Requirements: Fluent in English As a part of the internship will be in the factory, Chinese Language skills are helpful and needed. Technical background is also of help. 6 months internship Salary: 2'000 RMB for the first 2 months, increase afterwards up towards 3'000 RMB depending on performance. Extra benefits: Bonus of up to 4'000 RMB based on achievements after the internship period ends. This bonus is subject to candidates’ input and can be linked to definite targets which need to be assigned within the first two months of working after the start date of the internship.

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