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Editorial Internship in Beijing

at MTA Network


Entry Option
Application Period
2016-09-22 00:00:00 to 2017-09-22


Company Description: We provide opportunities for candidates who are looking for jobs in China ranging from one-off internships and graduate jobs to full-time career opportunities. There are so many jobs in China with the most common being teaching English although there are other jobs for foreigners such as working in Design and Architecture corporations, Finance and Accounting, HR, Agriculture and any other dream career. We also give you a chance to develop a strong career network and a real opportunity for career advancements. We are always partnering with leading companies in China to churn out the ideal individual for a particular job. What are the opportunities? - Excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get practical exposure in SEO, editing, publishing, Wordpress and Digital Marketing. - Opportunity to work in our live projects. - There is a huge demand of SEO, Wordpress, Digital Marketing skills in the global market. So it can give perfect boost to your career in ever growing industry of Online Business. - 2 days basic training will be provided. Then you can learn on the work. Requirements: - Excellent communication/writing skills in English - HTML/CSS skills (optional) - Creative Skills Language Requirements: English Salary: 0 to 4000 RMB Categories: Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations and Communications, Writing and Editing Functions: Marketing and Advertisement, Public Relations

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