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Teach English in China

at China International Teacher's Association


Entry Option
Application Period
2016-06-03 00:00:00 to 2016-07-20


ELEC Program The internship program is designed to help youths participate in a Chinese cultural exchange. It will provide them internship opportunities as follows. There are two teaching periods February to May and September to December. 1. The opportunity to understand and experience Chinese culture and share your culture 2. Help Chinese students improve their English skills and have impact on improving Chinese education as an English teaching assistant 3. Attain TEFL accreditation 4. Build good international relationships. The program will be split into three parts: 1. TEFL Training (2 Weeks) 2. Teaching (4 months) 3. Travel/Return home (2 months). Summer camp is also available if you would like to continue teaching Benefits Package Our goal is to insure that you live comfortably so you can teach, learn and explore China  Monthly salary of 3,000 RMB (more than Local teacher’s salary)  Free accommodation and food while teaching  Free TEFL certificate (mailed 2 months after work starts)  3000 RMB completion bonus +2000 travel allowance  3 day Chinese course +2day/week lessons (after arrival at school)  2 day Beijing tour at end of semester Locations Your teaching location will be decided once you arrive in China. We will take into account your preferences and the type of school to find the best possible match. The schools participating in the ELEC program are located in the following provinces: Anhui, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu and Shandong VIP Teach China Program (1 year teaching program) About This program is open to all graduates with a bachelor's degree and at least two years of prior work experience. The purpose of this program is to experience Chinese language and culture while at the same time enhancing their competitiveness by gaining valuable English as a Second language teaching experience. This Opportunity Will Provide:  Free TEFL training (with certificate) and Chinese language classes;  Free Visa service;  Free airport pickup;  Free accommodation;  Monthly salary (6000 rmb/month)  Travel allowance (round-trip ticket) Application Requirements Participants will require a bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience for the VIP program. For the internship program one must simply be enrolled in an academic institution. Participants can have any major and be of any nationality. General Description: 1. You will work 5 days/week (From Monday to Friday); 2. There will be 3-4 lessons per day, 40 minutes per lesson; 3. The school will provide the textbook and the curriculum for teaching English. 4. Use professional skills into lessons; 5. The internship in China will be 4 months (one school term). Perks included: Expected work schedule: 8:30-16:00, Monday to Friday; Living allowance/Salary: 3000-6000 RMB depending on the program; Completion bonus: 3000rmb at the end of the internship or work term; Accommodation and food: provided by Chinese school; Other benefits 1. We well send you an invitation letter and help you get a visa for six months so that you can travel to China for the internship. We will also help you get a work permit if you qualify for the VIP program 2. Once you arrive in China we will host free TEFL training and you will get a certified. If you have a TEFL certificate, then you can focus on the aspects of teaching unique to Chinese culture. 3. We will also offer free Chinese culture and Chinese language training at the start; Qualities: Language: English required; Development spaces: 1. Training capabilities; 2. Free teacher training, Chinese language and culture training (in China); 3. You will have a chance to travel and explore China. Program starts August 15th, 2016 for the current semester and then in February for the second semester. There are also summer English camps for those who are interested. No program application fee needed. Please apply through our program website:

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