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Community Development Officer- February 2016

at SOLS 24/7


Entry Option
Application Period
2016-02-23 00:00:00 to 2016-06-23
Length of contract: minimum 1 year (1 month training not included) Location: Malaysia


Benefits Develop both professionally and personally in a fun and creative environment Become a stronger team leader and manager Get training in techniques and methods for teaching Key Tasks Teaching Teach SOLS 24/7 English, Basic IT and Character development Build confidence in community students through education to enable to understand the importance of education Improve employability of rural and urban poor communities Attain and maintain student participation at your community center Assess and report progress and development of your students and community Build personal relationships with your students to provide guidance in both educational and personal matters Your community center Liaise and work with local community leaders for activities within the community Engage and maintain good relationships with local institutions to promote unity and sustainability Involve the community in activities such as sports, community work, clean ups etc Send in a monthly report to the SOLS 24/7 Malaysia Headquarters Work closely with your regional manager to manage and run the center Other activities Promote the progress and well-being of individual pupils assigned to him/her Provide guidance to pupils on both educational and personal matters Give students advice on future careers (including information about sources for expert advice) Participate in formal and non-formal functions for SOLS 24/7 Malaysia Any other necessary tasks as requested by his/her supervisor Job Perks Allowance, Smartphone, Laptop provided Food, Accommodation and Internal transportation Requirements Bachelors Degree academic qualification Passionate about community development and helping the underprivileged High Proficiency/Native speakers in English Work experience as well as leadership and management skills Keen to further develop their personal and professional skills by stepping out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves during one year Demonstrated interest in education, NGO and poverty alleviation issues

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