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UI/UX Designer student or recent graduate

at MediaLAB Amsterdam


Entry Option
Application Period
2015-12-01 00:00:00 to 2015-12-29
#customerjourney #servicedesign #aviation #game #coding #sensors #iot #futureworkspace #Data #Interactive #museum


We are looking for designers with experience in web and/or mobiles development. Some of the projects and partners we will be working on from February 2016-June 2016 are: Pilot your journey-KLM: Airlines are constantly improving their customer service in order to create the best travel experience.With KLM you will empower travellers to influence this experience instead of just undergoing it and design interventions to optimise the sense of control of their journey. Sustainable Workspace-ENECO: Eneco, one of the largest energy producers and suppliers takes the smart thermostat to the next level. You will explore how to use smart technology in offices and design interventions to reduce energy waste. Time Flies-SCHIPHOL Airport, Hogeschool Utrecht, TUDelft: Waiting is a necessary part of travel, often negative and disliked, but sometimes enjoyable and worthwhile. Airport waits are mostly perceived negatively, in spite of the efforts that are done to decrease the waiting time and increase efficiency. You will work together with Schiphol Airport on the experiential and perceived part of waiting. Focus is to shift the waiting experience from a waste of time to a moment where time flies. Experimental Experience-Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is revamping its museum. It’s moving from an interactive media experience to a fluid space where visitors explore their identity and role within the omnipresence of media. How can you help design interventions and experiments in a museum context? Citizen Empowerment-Rainproof: The risk of local flooding due to heavy rains is increasing in the Netherlands. How would you encourage and enable citizens to take action? Together with Rainproof, an Amsterdam based collective for sustainable water management you will design solutions and gain awareness for this issue.

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