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System Administrator in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

at Bluecomgroup


Viet Nam
Entry Option
Application Period
2015-11-18 00:00:00 to 2016-02-18


You will work on our Magento projects (development & production servers), to help bridge the gap between our developers (who are not very knowledgeable about servers, system, network) and hosting companies (who are not knowledgeable about programming). Your main responsibility will be to ensure performance (= fast website) on all projects. Remark: this job is centered on customer-facing Linux web servers ; it's NOT about internal IT (you will never have to fix Windows workstations, never setup backup systems or anything else in our office LAN...). Responsibilities ● Help investigate performance issues, and offer concrete solutions ● Work with development teams to assess and implement technology (Redis, memcache, Varnish, RabbitMQ, CDN...) ● Help developers better understand how their code impacts the performance, organize stress tests during development, train them on basic sysadmin operations ● Define a reference configuration for each service (web server, DB server, cache, OS settings...), on the basis of our current customers and industry best practices, and continuously improve it based on lessons learned ● Correlate real user monitoring statistics (page views, unique visitors, conversion rate) to system metrics, to identify ways to scale for current projects, and establish a base sizing for new projects Requirements Qualities required: ● Autonomy, ability to investigate and resolve server issues by yourself ● Methodology, drive to progress / work on incremental performance optimization (not just waiting for issues to happen) ● Habit of documenting actions, willingness to train others, so that everyone gets better ● Good communication (with developers, hosting partners...) in English and Vietnamese Technical skills: ● Deep understanding of web architecture (web server, DB server, firewall, load balancer, DNS, CDN...) ● Good linux command line operation: ssh, rsync, scp, tar, bash scripting... ● Strong command of Nginx / Apache + PHP-FPM ● Good command of performance measurement and monitoring tools such as : Apache Benchmark, JMeter, strace... ● Ability to setup a development server from scratch (RHEL/CentOS), configure base services (emails, web server, db server) and keep it secure (user permissions, upgrades, firewall rules) ● Proficiency with git from command line would be a plus

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