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Research Intern



Entry Option
Application Period
2015-11-04 00:00:00 to 2016-01-30


You will be involved in research on various topics related to SPRAT's mission (Rationality, fair-play, scientific temper and spirit of inquiry, empowerment of the impoverished, constitutionalism, pluralism and secularism) as well as data analysis, charting, creative writing, and documentation. SPRAT is now additionally setting up a residential academic complex, christened the TARKIK SADAN, to house its futuristic IT and Content Division, and the CARAVAN ACADEMY for training brilliant, poor youth in administrative and journalistic careers. You may work on laying out a strategic plan for this upcoming academy, and interdisciplinary tasks like selection criteria, curriculum development, pedagogy, logistics, revenue projections, crowd-funding, and admission/marketing plan. SPRAT’s internship is regarded highly by those committed to creating, acquiring or sharing knowledge, have the curiosity to ask questions, possess the self-respect to contribute productively, are adaptable to new environments, possess a sportive nature and a sense of humor, and look upon this as a unique learning opportunity. We are primarily focused on promoting scientific temper, inter-faith harmony and justice at large. Every intern gets the freedom to experiment, learn and innovate with modern scientific tools, and develop a rational approach in their work: (i) Interns will acquire in-depth knowledge of the working of a credible, professionally managed NGO (ii) Inter-disciplinary professional learning in diverse management fields (iii) Wide exposure and life studies through knowledge meetings, video watching, debates and discussions and periodic workshops, and (iv) Interns will function in a supportive work environment with unusually warm and helpful team. This internship requires you to come to Ahmedabad and stay with us for the entire duration of the internship. SPRAT offers NO stipend but fully takes care of boarding, lodging, and recreation of the interns. Indeed we maintain, right below our office at Paldi, central Ahmedabad, a functionally equipped and furnished flat-turned-hostel for interns coming to us from around the world intermittently, for assistance and learning in diverse fields. Alternatively we may also consider paying a stipend of up to Rs. 5,000 per month, for those outstation candidates who wish to arrange their own boarding and lodging. Internship duration may range from 6-52 weeks. Preference will be given to long-term seekers, and those who can start the soonest. SPRAT is always open to creating unique work portfolios for motivated persons in other areas and fields as well. These can include: writing, editing, making social messages or science or rationality promotion posters, making or editing videos or presentations, graphics or DTP, field work in neighboring villages, making science models, social network promotion etc. In exceptional cases we may also provide virtual internships. Though not obligatory, it is recommended that such interns are initiated at Ahmedabad with a short visit to us.

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