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Translation internship in Riga/Bucharest

at Hieroglifs Translations


Entry Option
Application Period
2015-08-13 00:00:00 to 2015-12-31


Hieroglifs Translations, an international translation and interpreting firm, is looking for a qualified intern to join our translation team. During the program, Interns are required to carry out various translation-related tasks (i.e. translation, review, testing etc.). Interns will work under the supervision of a tutor, whose role it is to help them improve their skills. All translators work exclusively into their mother tongue and deal with a range of content including games, technical (e.g. automotive, websites, software, user manuals), legal, business and marketing. Internships are for a period of between 2-6 months. Interns receive no remuneration. requirements All interns must be native speakers of the language they translate into. All applicants must demonstrate either some translation experience (e.g. university translation projects etc.) or a desire to pursue translation as a career. Internship location options - Hieroglifs Translations premises in Bucharest, Romania. - Hieroglifs Translation premised in Riga/Latvia. - Freelance. Internship done virtually. At the end of the internship the interns will receive The Hieroglifs Translations certificate of internship.

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