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United Kingdom
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The Richmond Green Group is a collection of complimentary media and marketing companies in the international property sector. We do things a bit differently. As a professional in this fast moving sector you should demand from your media and marketing partners transparency, integrity, creativity as well as the ability and willingness to do the simple stuff well. You are demanding. We are demanding of ourselves. We have to be. Impress you and the word will spread. Disappoint you and the word will spread even faster. When we run exhibitions and publish magazines we audit. When we talk to companies about their marketing plans we tell them as it is not what they want to hear. When we cost our services we do them clearly and with justification. We are based in Richmond in the United Kingdom but are a genuinely international business, having across the group employees from over 15 countries. We regularly visit both buyer and destination markets. We have to. We want to.

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