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Exciting Internship in Cape Town Media Production Company

at unica solutions pvt ltd.


South Africa
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Responsabilities: Internship Description Duration of Internship: 17 Weeks Rough Estimation of Time: 1 Week Welcoming Initial Setup/Environment 3 Weeks Gondola Redesign 5 Weeks Additional Modeling, Controller Design, Comparison of results 4 Weeks Embedded Implementation on hardware, HIL simulation if time allows 3 Weeks Report 1 Week Vacation during internship if required. Internship will comprise of the following tasks: - Improvement and redesign of airship gondola for improved aerodynamics, to simplify mounting to airship, as well as provide easy access to batteries and avionics. - Additional modeling, including external disturbances such as wind to include in airship model. - Linear controller design for waypoint navigation using classical control techniques with focus on robustness. - Evaluation of controllers through simulation (Matlab, Simulink) and comparison to existing fuzzy logic controllers. - If time allows - implementation of controllers on hardware, possible hardware in the loop simulation. - Any valuable contribution to the project. - Written report to summarise internship work.

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