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Software Engineer/ IT Internship

at Pte. Ltd


Entry Option
Application Period
2015-07-06 00:00:00 to 2016-12-31


Our mission “To unlock the true power and effective use of word of mouth in the travel and hospitality industry through innovative online platforms” About Wedilo Pte. Ltd. Is the owning company of 2 products: Wedilo mobile app and platform. - Wedilo mobile app is a fun, simple and social tool designed to help users to efficiently discover and share places really worth going in any city around the globe. May it be for activities, great restaurants, a night out or just places to have a drink. Wedilo = “WEnt there- DId that-LOved it!” Find out more at - is a platform for trusted hotel reviews written by guests through the means of a innovative system that guarantees trust and representativeness. Our users get to book their hotels in peace of mind as they know exactly what to expect and hotels get to earn back the online recognition they truly deserve. Nthhotels stands for “Nothing to hide hotels”, our label of trust and ultimate transparency. Find out more at Our heart beats in Singapore, which serves as our headquarter while we plan to rapidly expand worldwide. Requirements One or the other is enough to qualify: 1. sysadmin requirement type: ability to work on Linux environment,good knowledge on networking (routing, TCP/IP), WIFI (802.11xx). Bonus if know how to operate on DD-WRT environment and can compile and install DD-WRT. 2. Web Developer requirement type: abilitity to code in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP. Know jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS3 well. Able to code server application logic in modern PHP. Bonus if have experience with Silex/Symfony2.

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