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Exciting Internship in Cape Town Media Production Company

at unica solutions pvt ltd.


South Africa
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This Special Needs School offers internships to Physiotherapy students, Occupational Therapy Students, Educational Students, Psychology students and Special Needs Education students: As a Psychology intern the student will work closely with the fulltime psychologist who will give them the assistance and guidance regarding their duties at the school. Due to the fact that the school caters to learners with Autism, their scholastic evaluation and counseling is on a very basic level. However, the school does regular screening and observation of learners and a Psychology intern will assist with this as well. The school psychologist will supervise the Psychology intern and assist them with their university forms and requirements. A Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy student will also be supervised by a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist and gain excellent skills in a very nurturing environment. Your internship with this school will be both a very, fulfilling, rewarding and challenging experience and equip you with new skills in your field and be an eye opening experience.

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