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The best of Business, CIS, Design, Editorial, Fashion, & Marketing/ PR Internships in Beijing, China

at MCO Internships


Entry Option
Application Period
2017-01-17 00:00:00 to 2017-05-17


Are you looking for that perfect experience that will boost your career outlook and resume to the next level? Interning in China can make that happen. MCO China internships is a program provider that helps students and young professionals gain entry to China’s job market. We offer a range of programs for every budget and expected experience. Whether you are looking to come for the short term or long term. What do past MCO interns think? “I certainly knew going to China, a country I knew basically nothing about, with no language skills and no contacts, was going to be interesting,” Mollie Snyder said about her decision to spend her final co-op in Beijing. “It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made to date, and a highlight of my experience at Drexel.” For full article visit: Why MCO? We have partnered with industry leaders such as Vogue China, Maserati, and Ogilvy to help you find an internship that will give you a meaningful experience. As China is drastically different than the West, we have set up MCO to help individuals gain entry with ease. We help by: • Finding you a legitimate position, we vet every company to ensure you are in a professional working environment (we conduct company visits), have an on-staff mentor, and are receiving a well-rounded professional experience (no teaching English to Chinese staff, no translation work 8 hours a day, etc.) • Help navigate the often changing visa policies and making sure all of your China paper work for visa processing is done correctly. • Pre-arrival Guidance + Resources upon arrival (housing, language classes, orientation) • During the duration of the program we have activities every other Sunday with other MCO interns (tours, cultural activities, events, etc.) • We include you in our network, so you will get invitations to professional networking events, charity events, fashion parties, volunteering opportunities, and professional development seminars outside of MCO. Apply through Euramus and receive a 25% Placement discount or 5% Program Discount. Contact Miranda at for more information. Examples of Positions We Are Recruiting for Fashion & Design 1. Editorial Internship 2. Sustainable Fashion Marketing 3. Animation Internship in Events Studio 4. Animation Internship in Entertainment 5. Graphic Design with a Branding Studio 6. Fashion Design Internship 7. Product Design Internship or Trainee 8. Video Production and Editing 9. Merchandising Internship Or Trainee 10. Digital Layout with Vogue China Engineering/CIS 11. APP Development Internship or Trainee 12. Front- End Development Internship 13. Software Engineering Internship or Trainee 14. General Engineering Internship with a Green-tech Multinational Business/Marketing 15. Entrepreneurial with a Marketing Focus Internship 16. Creative Consultant Internship/ Trainee 17. Human Resources Internship 18. Business Development Internship 19. Public Relations Internship with Olgilvy 20. Hospitality Internship with the Four Seasons Contact Miranda at for Internship Descriptions

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